Marketing & Brand Growth

for Caravan Manufacturers & Dealerships

Greater exposure, more enquiries, and establish your authority

What’s it take to sell a caravan?

With competition fierce to capture purchasing attention, you need marketing that guarantees a return for your spend.

With so many new brands hitting the market, and thousands of new caravanners joining the lifestyle, potential purchasers are confronted with a huge range of options, styles and suitable products. This means inconsistency of experience, of quality, of manufacturing standards, and even hand over.

Customers need your product insight, and multiple positive interactions with your brand before they’ll trust you with their purchase.

A caravan is afterall, a luxury and can have a significantly big ticket so experience and standing out is key!

Why us?

  • 10+ years experience marketing to & targeting caravanners

  • Innovative services and tech like AI & chatbots

  • We’re performance driven so results are our focus, which means our services change based on your needs changing.

  • Agency style services tailored to the Caravan Industry

  • Our scope of services is so broad you can do everything from one supplier!

Plus, our results get noticed!

Here’s how we can help:

We can provide a range of marketing support options.

Whether you need one off strategies and rapid results action plans to drive your in house team, or ongoing monthly packages so you can get back to business knowing it’s being taken care of by a professional – we’re affordable, and we’re results driven.

How many clicks does it take for your customers to find their dream van and make an enquiry?

Are your products filtered and searchable by practical terms?

Don’t be taken for a ride with your site. As caravanners ourselves we know how to build sites that hit the mark.

Whether it’s a searchable dealer directory style site, or something different, like 3D models and interactive builders, we can help. Affordably of course!

The easiest way to build your brand and engage with more potential purchasers is via social media.

Join the conversation, steer the narrative, and ensure you’re front of mind next time they’re ready to buy.

We’re experienced with Google ads and Social media ads.

Using an advanced AI system to analyse your results in real time, we speed up the results we can achieve for you.
Meaning we see clicks as low as 15c, whilst others are happy with $1!

Graphic design, brochures, show specials, branded posts. You name it.

When it comes to managing and enhancing your brand and how it’s presented, having someone like us that knows the caravan industry and your audience intimately is a boost to your success.

Customers who buy caravans need multiple touch points with your brand before they purchase.

Printed materials, promo gear, signage and stationery. We can do it all.

And we know how fast things need to happy in caravan sales – especially before shows – so we pride ourselves on fast turnaround.

We produce printed materials direct with factories and presses across the country to ensure your printing is fast, and super affordable.

We printed flags, cafe barriers, banners and signs for dealers.

Our process if fast, affordable and high quality.

We’re consistently seeing for dealers:


The ultimate pre-sales & all-in-one marketing platform for your dealership

Replace all your costly extra subscriptions with one dashboard!
Mailchimp – Podium – Cube – Hootsuite – Analytics – Facebook – Salesforce

  • Website chat bot with Ai for auto appointment booking
    Lead the way with automated comms and save time while increasing lead quality and response rates
  • Missed call service¬†
    Never miss a lead again with auto text messaging to re-engage
  • Review management
    Request reviews with auto triggers, messaging and communication funnels
    Manage and respond all your reviews for Google & Facebook in one dashboard
  • Central lead & communications inbox
    View and respond to enquiries across all channels from one location.
    Facebook & Insta messaging, website chat bots, google chat, enquiry forms and sms
  • Analytics dashboard
    Check on how your ad campaigns and website analytics are going from one dashboard
  • Full CRM system
    Nurture leads, categorise opportunities, manage contacts, assign to staff, and automate your lead flows through your own pipeline stages
  • Landing page and offer templates
    Publish offers and caravan stock deals fast with instant up ad compatible landing pages branded to your business without needing to constantly update and build new pages on your website.
  • Custom branded portal to your logo
  • Reengage prospects with email marketing
  • Social media scheduling and templates
    Access your own branded posts and schedule across multiple social media accounts from one easy to use posting dashboard
  • All accessible via desktop and a mobile app
    So you don’t have to miss an enquiry again and you can keep track of your marketing and pipeline from anywhere – in the yard or on the road!
  • API Accessible
    Able to be integrated via API with sales systems to trigger automatic customer communications, steps or actions

Adaptable to your business needs

We recognise each brand and each product is unique. We tailor our support to save you money – so we ensure we meet your needs and your ideal audience.

Everything from your brand, your website, your sales materials and your interaction points need to send the right messages about who you are and what you provide. And oftentimes, that means revisiting and updating them regularly to keep up with demand.

Because we know the caravan industry and we’ve already spent 10 years perfecting how to target caravanners fast and cost effectively, we’re your ideal choice.

It All Starts With a chat!

There’s no pressure here. Chat with us about what you need, what challenges you’re facing, and we’ll see how we can help.

And if we can’t, we’re straight up enough to tell you!

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