Poona - Social Media - Milestone

When we started working with this secluded holiday park in a sleepy town not many had heard of – they had just 1,600 followers.

We’re so proud to say we’ve grown their exposure by more than 25,000+ new Facebook followers (and counting) and… 🥁
366,000+ new website page views!!

When we sat down with Don from Poona Palms this weekend (at his new bar and cafe) to talk about how things have been going I asked him if he thought what we we’re doing was bringing people in the door –

His reply – “s*!t yeah“
Followed by “What you do is valuable. Parks really need what you do.”

Now that’s a testimonial!
And something we are so proud to be doing!

Since starting our support for Poona, we’ve been able to grow their social and website traffic considerably – which has meant more direct bookings, and they’ve had the growth to allow them to put on more permanent staff, and build a new bar and cafe!

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