Sunrise Caravans - Holiday Brands

We’re off into the sunset with Sunrise Caravans from Burpengary, Qld!

Check out the new Holiday Brands office on wheels

Want to know why after we walked into the Sunrise yard there was no way we were going anywhere else?
Let’s face it, even though we’re super immersed in the caravan industry, we had no clue which van brand would actually live up to the hype.
So when we decided it was time to get a new van we called a heap of people we know in the industry to find out first hand which brands the people who actually work on, repair, and accommodate vans every day, recommend.
The reality is, we do A LOT of kilometers!
And more often than not, we bounce from park to park with lots of hours in between and don’t stay anywhere very long.
So Holiday Brands needed a van that would be up the challenges we’d throw at it. The kms. The places. That would be agile and quick to get going.
And we needed to be confident we would have a van that stood up to our Aussie roads and weather.
Boy can those outback roads be shocking!
When we were told that Sunrise Caravans we’re leaps ahead we went right in to check them out.
Steve welcomed us like family and we could see right away these vans were made well, the finish was 5 star, and they had been made with care and real consideration for how they’re used.
Not just that, Sunrise caravans are as Aussie as Double Pluggers and Laminations.

They’re 100% completely made here in Aus from all Aussie manufacturing, steel and parts.

We can’t wait to proudly promote Sunrise vans wherever we go and we’re even more excited to be partnering with Sunrise to help promote their vans across a range of digital marketing areas!
Thanks to the team for an incredible hand over and for taking care of us.
You know when all the reviews are 5 star, when customers holiday together, and even the staff buy their vans –
while respected industry names recommend them, you’re in good hands!
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